Poker Calculator Wars Part 1 – Tournament Indicator vs Pokerius

Briefly, I had a hand in a multi table tournament the other night that I think Iked about by accident. I was in the big blind for half the game and had AK on the big button. It was folded to me and I took it with a rather large bet, $3200. Everyone else folded to the original raiser who called the all-in bet.

As the hand went on I began to spy the other players. I noticed a player who always remained in the hand and played weak hands a few times every session. I noted this player and wrote down his actions the next time we played. Here is my conclusions:

  1. He is a very loose player and will usually call or fold when he was a big underdog.
  2. He has no idea how to use his position to win pots. He does not know its advantages or disadvantages.
  3. He knows how to use his position in the hand to his advantage at all times.

I won the hand and took down $30 000. Then I checked the player and found him in the button. I introduced myself and asked him if he wanted a drink. He said yes and placed a bet of $500. At this point, I had about $4 800 in chips. On the next hand, I won again and took down another $60 000. Then I checked again and there he was in the small blind. I asked him if everything was OK. He said everything was fine and he showed me his hand. He had a big bet and called. I predicted what card he had and he dropped his hand. I suggested to him that playing the big blind in the small blind and not the big blind in the big blind would save him a lot of money in the future. He took it as if I told him not to play there but he still called Bocoran Rtp Slot Hari Ini Live.

Before I could get any money in the pot, the player in the big blind said something to the effect that I was stealing too often. When I mentioned what was happening, he said nobody raises unless they have a big hand and they don’t get unless they are stealing. When I suggested we stop, he said we could not stop and that I should do the same with his money as well. Here we stopped for about an hour because some players were getting a little too competitive. A few hands went by and I remembered I had not yet cashed in a hand. I took a look at my watch and I saw it was past two hundred and therefore, there would be less than thirty minutes until giving away my pre-flop raise of $ 3000.

When I looked at my watch, I saw that it was already past two hundred and I therefore, did not wait to cashing in the hand. I took some instant acting out and announced to the table, that I was going to buy something for my room. At this time, one of the players closest to me mentioned something about his set of cards. I remembered that I had already spotted his cards and took them to myself. I took one look at his cards and called him all-in. He turned them face up on the table and they were easily identified as pocket aces. To my delight, it was confirmed that he had pocket aces after the cut. Had any of the other players recognized them as pocket kings, their hands would have been very vulnerable.

Since my prime concern was to win the minimum amount of money, I did the right thing and disguised my hand as best as I could. After the cards were dealt, I quickly changed my appearance to look less than what I actually had. Although there was nothing illegal about what I had done, other players at the table were staring at me and I did not want them to think I was inexperienced. Having a deuce on the first hand was also not ideal, so I decided to do the best I could in that situation. It worked and I cashed in the hand.

The player who I had first saw was “omen” who rarely stopped “choking” or had to blink and slow down his play. He never made eye contact and his eyes never jumped around. His speech was alsoked so vague and pitched to the point and he rarely if ever said anything at all. I knew he was a sucker and holding pocket aces in the situation was bad play. Too many times people who slow down too much in cash games end up dead meat. End game, someone had to win.

I waited for the rest of the players to continue and after they went their separate ways, I kept following my system. The system did not yield a win for me that night but I did learn a lot about different types of players. I identified the tourists as the people who would sit and mostly fold until they got a big hand.