NFL Future Wagers

The NFL season is about a month into the season and there has been a lot of hype about certain teams winning. Some of this hype is unwarranted and sightseeing is far from a sure bet as we enter November.

While the football season is well underway, betting on football futures has been taking place. The proliferation of the Internet has made it easy to look up information on teams that are well intertwined in the NFL future bet market. Any NFL team can gain an advantage over the opponent by improving a certain aspect of their game.

The most common football future bet is to look at the “Match-Up Machine”. This device is a computer generated simulation of a football game. It is similar to a game 3that you would find in, say, a casino. The difference is that you do not play against other players. Your only competition is the “atar” which is the computer.

A good football futures bet looks at statistics and performance, noting which teams, statistically, have an edge over another team. For example, the Cleveland Browns, versus the New York Giants, should have a decent edge. The Cleveland Browns have a strong offense and this should be the advantage they have over the Philbs who have an excellent defense and are looking up to the Dallas Cowboys. Philbs will probably cover the Cleveland Browns as favorites, but may be laying the line behind them as the Cowboys could be laying points.

The New York Giants, versus the Cleveland Browns, is another situation where there may be an advantage for one team and a disadvantage for the other. The New York Giants are a veteran team looking to improve and are probably not as good as Cleveland’s players and coaches. That should favor the Cleveland Browns who are a strong team, but may be facing an unscheduled absence of their starting quarterback.

It is also likely that the Browns will struggle this week against the high-powered Patriots. Unfortunately for them, the Patriots are having their best season since 2001 when they are on the road. Most good teams bounce back well after a tough week. The Patriots are not expected to contend for this game but every year it is the same. The Giants are the No. 5 seed and the Browns are the No. 12 seed. If the Browns can win here they can seriously Consider themselves a lucky ‘Celtics fan!

The Browns may be experiencing some growing pains as they play roulette against the division rivals.TDJ, the Browns new radio station, is very good and they are pretty consistent. You may have heard Donell Approach Sports on 107.5 The River talk about the “Moneyline imprint” (ili¢s?ili¢s?ili¢s?) being applied to some contests between New York and Cleveland.ili Effective immediately, the Browns will begin matching their winnings from October 29th vs. Indianapolis all the way up to December 2nd vs. Jacksonville.

The Bankers are starting to get a handle on the Cleveland Browns.ili At some point during the season the Bankers are going to start to close the gap between the Tribe and the Browns.ili When that happens – if you’re a Cleveland fan – you’re going to have a pretty good Christmas if you catch it.