How to Pick the Winning Lottery Numbers

What would you do for winning the US Powerball lotto game? Or any lottery for that matter? Or maybe you’re an avid lottery player, fan of number game books, or just someone who’d like to win the lottery to actually make it a life pursuit?

The thing to remember is that there isn’t an iron-clad, foolproof system that will bring you to the megamillion-dollar cross roads. You can’t say that the house has one but then given a target where you could buy a lottery ticket with the same numbers, win the jackpot, and then collect the reward you’ve dreamed of since your childhood!

How to Pick the Winning Lottery Numbers

This is, however, recommended as a strategy or solution to another problem – the probability of winning the jackpot. Some lotteries involve choosing five numbers from 1 to 55 in your lotto ticket. Now you have to pick exactly five numbers, because unlike Powerball, in some lotteries, the power ball requires you to pick five number from the same range of numbers.

So you have to pick five number from 1 to 55, right? But hold your ground! There’s no point focusing on just five numbers, because then the odds against you become higher.

In choosing your five numbers, you may want to consider looking at some of the tips below –

  1. Any number that has appeared in the past as part of the winning number combination is worth more than five numerical newer numbers. If you look at the winning Powerball number combinations from the past, you can identify the numbers that are often not included in the winning number combinations. Your five numbers can be as low as one or two numbers, yet if they are included in the drawing, the chances of winning the Powerball lotto become lower.
  2. If you are a number freak, you can choose your five numbers based on the letters that they make. If the first five numbers from your chosen set of numbers are the same as the first five numbers from the winning set of numbers, and you also have a close attention to its history, you might just be able to take home the jackpot.
  3. Search online for the winning Powerball number combinations. A website called has been programmed to present the numbers from the past Powerball draws. It keeps tabs on the winning numbers and provides you with the lucky sets of numbers for the draws it has already milestone. It simultaneously allows you to post the lucky sets of numbers for your own convenience.
  4. While you choose your five numbers, make sure you think of them in a mathematical way. For example, pay attention to the odds of the numbers you will choose to be the winning numbers. The more odds you consider, the more likely it is that you will win. This is a statistical technique.
  5. Don’t forget the most important thing to remember about picking winning Powerball numbers – pick only those numbers that have been recently drawn. The longer a certain set of numbers are not part of the winning numbers, the more likely it is that it will come up in the next draw.

Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is true that you can get a jackpot by getting all the right Powerball numbers, but the question is if you get it in the next draw, it is really your lucky day, or just wishful thinking?