How to Identify the Denominations of Real Clay Poker Chips

If you are interested in learning all about Clay Poker Chips, it is important to learn how to identify the denominations of Real Clay Poker Chips. It is important to learn this information, so that you can collect the correct Clay Poker Chips for your needs. There are many retailers that sit on top of malls and carry a large variety of clothing and toys, but when it comes to collecting Clay Poker Chips, you want to choose the right supplier. Here are some ideas to help you learn the basics of Clay Poker Chips.

Step 1:

The first type of poker chips are normally considered to be the minimum replicas. These chips are intended for children to use during lessons on how to play poker, or as birthday gifts. regarding poker chips, these are considered to be the lowest weight. These chips weigh 7.5 to 8.5 grams.

Step 2:

The next type ofITE chips are generally higher weight chips, and are often aimed at the experienced poker players. These are intended for bigger tournaments. Many of these chips have a metal insert to make them heavier. There are heavier chips valuable for higher stakes games.

Step 3:

The next type of Real Clay Poker Chips are called the Poker-In-A-Box or better known as thePAX. The first time you play with these, you will definitely feel like you are playing on a different type of poker chip. The 9 grams of heavy duty polymer is a very close resemblance to the real deal, and the quality is quite impressive. The graphics are drawn in at the starts of the games, and there are dice present on the chips making them look very much like the real thing.

Step 4:

There are a new line ofClay Poker Chipscalled the “Tutations”. These are a whiter than white, auly than black, and a whole lot richer in color. You can choose the color to match your own hair color, or you can buy chips in all colors available. These chips are a permanent find especially if you are a fan of Paulson Chips.

Step 5:

If you want a chip that has a special appeal, you can choose from the set of the “Stampede” set. These are authentic poker chips that are 7.5 grams each and have the face and edge stamps, along with the normally stamped edges in various sizes.

Step 6:

“Ajax” are the next type of poker chips. These are becoming increasingly popular, and can be purchased in any quantity. You can get these in 8.5 gram, 11.5 gram, 13.5 gram, and 15.5 gram wheels. Many of the wheels are stamped with an inlay that has four inlay slots. These are normally full clay chips, and can be quite expensive.

Step 7:

“Baggins” are the next run of chips. These are the little old ladies that you see in the casinos. Such a name coined from the name of the chips they carry. They are older than most poker players, and not as sturdy as the more mature poker chips. Still a great choice for a gift, these make a great addition to a poker chip collection.

Step 8:

“Ceramics” are the next generation of chip. These are a close resemblance to the 100 gram clay chips, and are a strong and long durable chip. Many people invest in higher quality chips because of the flexibility and strength offered by the ceramic material. These chips are typically weight rated at between 11.5 and 13.5 grams.

Step 9:

“Granite” are the next in the generation of poker chips. Now in the age of the internet, you can also buy poker chips made of simul ite, also referred to as micro polymer or enhanced settlement deposit. The name of the material is a blend of clay and metal insert. The chips are produced by firing a mold created with the aid of a laser; a very expensive process. Very low cost, these chips can be easily found in casinos.

Step 10:

“layne” poker chips are the last of the poker chips. Now in the 21st century, you can buy poker chips made from the Andrea and David Beckham (of the Newspapers) Touch Down Strategy. Such chips are designed to have a playing feel that is similar to that of a real Dewavegas chip. Such chips come in all the standard colors, and can be personalized via a hot stamping method that is fantastic for customizing your chips to your own needs.

Step 11:

“050” poker chips are the smallest dice size that a typical casino uses in their games. Although not as durable as the other chips discussed, they are reasonably priced and easy to find.

Step 12:

“1100” dice are the standard dice size used by most casinos.