Aces are Not the Most Dangerous in a Poker Hand

When you are involved in poker on a regular basis you will soon realize that not all hands look the same. Certain hands can be played with the same cards from the same position. Let’s examine a few of the most dangerous hands you will find. We will start with the best of the best, The Aces.

Why are the Aces dangerous?

The Aces are the strongest starting hand in the game of poker. slot online When you are playing with an A-7-4, or K-9-5, you are counting cards. These are not the cards that are played from the flop, they are the cards that could one be played from the flop, but will be cheaper to see the turn and river.

When you see an A-Q on the flop, there is a good chance that an Ace or a Q is present. An A-4-3, on the other hand, is a little bit weaker than the A-3-2.

So far we have seen that low cards, or cards that are easy to beat, such as 2-6, have more of a psychological value in Texas Holdem. This is because we know that if we bet strongly, or raise, our opponent or opponents may sense we have a stronger hand and be more prone to fold.

If you have an A-4-2, and you ante up, you are putting in a big raise or re-raise. Now, an opponent who is looking to play out of position against you, may feel that you are not so weak with that hand and may call in.

The point is, in No Limit Holdem, you need to be more cautious with your Aces or Kings than other weaker hands. The reason for this is because, if you are beat, you can lose a lot of chips, and you don’t want to be in that position.

So, when you have an A-4-2, and you are in late position, you should bet or raise to push out the weaker hands that may be out there. Typically an opponent would call you down with a hand like 6-8 or K-9 because they may be afraid you will make them a higher pair.

However, if you have the nut straight on the flop, such as A-J or K-Q, and you get check raised, you are probably going to shut down that hand. Try the free card, if you have the right read the odds are that your opponent is probably figuring to match your hand.

What happen if you bet the flop? Well, you want to attempt to control the pot to try and slow play your hand. That means you will get all of the opposing players to put in their ante’s to continue on with the hand, but remember, they have the right to fold as well. Don’t make this move against 7 or less opponents without a strong hand. They will likely call you down with a weaker hand.

What happens if you bet the turn? Most times your opponent will either call along with you, or attempt to get a free card with a glowing flop. Again, your objective is to get all of the other players to do the betting with you, so they put in as much money as possible in the pot.

What happens if you bet the river? Now your opponent is likely to either call along, or attempt to get a card that will help them to beat you when they are beat. They may try to bluff, or attempt to have a bigger hand than you, frustrating you. Perhaps they will even burn their own hand by making their last hand into a huge overpair.

Therefore, you must mentally prepare yourself before making these decisions. mentally prepare yourself to say “no” if you sense something is wrong. Do not always fall into old habits, but at times stand firm to your principles. Do not be timid, and do not be scared. Most importantly, do not let fear override your judgment and cause you to make the wrong decision.